Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat Sanctuary Hire

Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat is a purpose-built eco-yoga-and-meditation retreat that welcomes all teachers who are looking for a place to host their group retreat, in a place that’s been exclusively built for yoga, meditation, tai chi and similar activities. 

To respect the atmosphere of the Center, it accommodates only one group at a time.


Situated in the hinterland in the heart of the Scenic Rim of the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia, set in the extraordinary, natural beauty of South Eastern Queensland’s coastal mountain range, you are surrounded by the greenery and tranquility of the hills. At Nirvana Wellbeing Sanctuary you can enjoy quiet seclusion in one of Australia’s most spectacular, natural, breath-taking environments.

The property consists of 70 hectares with the twin terrains, of both rural, rolling, undulating, dairy country and its own rain-forest, and is a complete retreat from the outside world. 

Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat Sanctuary and Leadership Development Centre is an undertaking of Health Institute Australasia and the retreat home of the Shanti Yoga Centre. 


Conveniently located only 50 minutes north of Coolangatta airport and 1 hour south of Brisbane airport, the peace and tranquillity of Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat gives you the feeling that you could be a million miles away.


The facility is run with a focus on renewable energies, using natural, spring water from the underground spring for drinking and bathing, and rain water tanks to sustain the garden. The centre also uses gas, bio-energy generators, solar panels and lenses for converting sunlight to energy, and biodynamic, organic and permaculture principles which provide healing, resources, and educational opportunities.


The Centre is a place for renewal. All experiences and personal dynamics can be met with this quality, allowing a return to presence and a calming sensitivity. Relationships are based on honesty and respect. Here guests are considered as part of the extended family of humanity, with a view to sharing and respect, and not as customers. Sharing is obviously related to one’s internal maturity, thus everyone can find the right measure on their path. With kindness, the inner human aspect finds itself, and you will be greeted with kindness.

The retreat homestead is surrounded by seventy acres of land, with woods and hills, where you can take long walks and practice (yoga, tai chi, meditation...) outdoors. We also take care of the rain forest and habitat for Australian wildlife, and a vegetable garden and an orchard, all organically grown. The produce in our gardens and orchards are part of the food base for the regular retreats programs we run.


The accommodation at Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat is in a large Queenslander homestead, with  central heating and air conditioning in all rooms, and floor-core heating on the ground floor for the occasional cold winter. 

The decor is eclectic, with antique Indian carvings, paintings, sculpture and expensive art work throughout the property and gardens.

The property boasts two living rooms, a servery and dining area, a room of 100 sq m for yoga and meditation, equipped with yoga mats for internal use, blankets, cushions and bolsters, a massage room, equipped with massage bed, gym equipment where the views are extensive, movie room, with projector and speakers, whiteboard, spillover wrap around balconies, and covered walkway.

The homestead has twelve bedrooms, rooms with single or twin share beds, and seven bathrooms, some of which are ensuites. Sheets, pillows and covers, european cushions, electric blankets, doonas, plush blankets, dressing gowns, room fans per room to operate as needed, hair dryers and towels are provided, and all the beds are made up for retreatant arrivals, so there is no need for retreatants to bring their own linen.



We can currently accommodate 17 guests, with our minimum numbers being 10.  

The bedroom/bed configuration are as follows:

  • 2 twin-share rooms (2 rooms x 2 beds in each room = 4 beds)
  • 3 ensuite twin-share rooms (3 rooms x 2 beds in each room = 6 beds)
  • 6 single beds (6 rooms with single beds in each room  = 6 beds)
  • 1 ensuite single room (1 room with 1 single bed = 1 bed)

Bedroom fee includes fully furnished bedrooms with linen (sheets, pillowcases, blankets, electric blanket and one towel per person). 
The Yoga room, which is shoe free.
Outside verandah.
Car Park.

Meals and Catering


We provide delicious vegetarian meals with vegan options

• Breakfast

• Lunch

• Dinner

• Fruit bowl

• Selection of herbal teas

Meals are served buffet style, with the smorgasbord displayed in the serving area, and eaten communally, at the designated meal time, agreed upon by the organisers.

The atmosphere is informal and friendly, our chef handles the kitchen, and the cuisine offers all vegetarian meals based on Ayurvedic principles, which include whole-wheat and dairy, from our own and local organic farms.

We would like to let you know that the food we provide is delicious, varied, healthy, avoiding excess sugar and MSG free. A lot of our herbs and greens are fresh from the garden, and the retreat is alcohol-, coffee-, drug-, and cigarette-free.

Special diets, such as gluten and/or lactose intolerant, incur a surcharge. As we are up in the mountains, it is imperative that the kitchen be given advance notice. If no advance notice is given to the kitchen and the kitchen is only notified upon the retreatant’s arrival, a further surcharge will apply.

Programs and Pricing


Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat Sanctuary conducts its own contemplative programs and group retreats under the guidance of Shanti Gowans and affiliated teachers throughout the year.

These primarily provide meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, nutritional advice, detoxification and rejuvenation therapies, together with spiritual teachings, team building and leadership training.

Nirvana Regular programs charge the following fee:

  • Twin share, shared facilities x 2 rooms (4 beds)  @ $350 pp per night
  • Single room, with shared facilities x 6 rooms (6 beds) @ $400 pp per night
  • Twin share, ensuite x 3 rooms (6 beds) @ $450 pp per night
  • Single ensuite 1 room, (1 bed) @ $500 pp per night


The centre is available for hire to groups who have compatible aims, objectives and practices with that of Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat, for their own events. These could include contemplative retreats for any religious tradition, human potential workshops, yoga intensives, body work training, reunions etc. The elegant and non-sectarian atmosphere of the Sanctuary has made it an ideal environment for hosting a wide variety of programs and gatherings for small groups.

People from any contemplative tradition who have a well established practice are welcome. Integrated into a secluded natural setting, it can host a variety of group educational programs and special purpose weekend and week-long activities.

  • There is a minimum of 2 nights booking
  • Organisers need to restrict access to non-residents as Nirvana Wellbeing Sanctuary does not accept liability for the loss of cash or valuables.
  • Reservations need to be made well in advance.


  • Twin share, shared facilities x 2 rooms (4 beds)  @ $200 pp per night
  • Single room, with shared facilities x 6 rooms (6 beds) @ $250 pp per night
  • Twin share, ensuite x 3 rooms (6 beds) @ $300 pp per night
  • Single ensuite 1 room, (1 bed) @ $350 pp per night


- Pre-booking is essential, as everything is made from scratch.
- Meals per day are $100 per attendee.
- This fee is inclusive of Breakfast, One Main Meal and One Light Meal per person, per day.
- As the minimum attendance is 2 nights, this equates to $200 per person for 6 meals.

  • Breakfast: $30
  • Lunch $45
  • Light Dinner $25
  • Full Dinner $45

Retreatants can help themselves to

  • fruit water
  • fruit from the bowl
  • a selection of Teas after their meals (urn hot)



Nourishing, buffet style, hot breakfasts

- Creamy oat porridge

- Golden Ayurvedic milk (soya or nut milk options for vegans)

- Whole grain breads

- Homemade nut butter

- Honey

- Selection of various jams and spreads

- A variety of self-service regular and herbal teas, with fresh whole milk, and raw sugar


Main Meal of the day:  Lunch OR Dinner. Buffet style

- Basmati or Jasmine rice

- Dhal

- Delicious veggies

- Salad + dressing (served separately)

- Savoury yoghurt

- Variety of Indian pickles and chutney

- Dessert


Light Meal: Lunch OR Dinner consisting of

- Hearty soup with lentils, barley and veggies

- Fresh bread or toast with butter.

- Kitchari

- A variety of black, green and herbal teas.


Full Dinner

- Soup

- Fresh bread or toast with butter

- Pasta

- Salad, dressing

- Dessert

- A variety of black, green and herbal teas.


Morning and Afternoon Tea

- Tea: $5/head

- Fruit cake + tea $10/head

with prior arrangement upon request


Non-residential visitors

Non-residential visitors will be surcharge per meal, per day as follows:

  • Breakfast: $45
  • Lunch $55
  • Light Dinner $25
  • Full Dinner $55


Meeting Room $1000 per day (8 hours)
Kitchen, Dining and Servery  $600 per day
Movie Room $500 per day
Therapy Room $300 per day
Yoga mat hire, blankets, bolsters, cushions $15 per person per day

Movie hire $15 per movie


Options and Organising your stay

Here are some practical tips to help you organise your stay at the Center:

  • It is important to respect the tranquility of the venue.
  • No alcohol or drugs are served or permitted at the Center.
  • Smoking and vaping is prohibited anywhere on the property.
  • Please enjoy free wifi.
  • We provide all bedding, eg. pillowcases, sheets, blankets, and towels, but no bath products (shampoo and shower gel).
  • Please do not bring food and drinks into the yoga room or bedrooms
  • The yoga room is equipped with blankets, cushions and mats that cannot be carried outside for outdoor activities. 
  • We have outdoor mats for outdoor activities.
  • It is necessary to advise if external guests arrive.

Your Options


Join in with our regular retreats. Our stays are all-inclusive (except for massage, treatments, facials, and medicines)


Have the retreat to yourself, and we run the program and provide the food.


Have the retreat to yourself and run your own program. We provide the food.


A combination of your program and ours. We provide the food.


Have the retreat to yourself and run your own program, provide your food. Please bring everything you need, as any food from Nirvana’s pantry, cold room, fridges and gardens will incur costs to you.

PROGRAM and ACTIVITIES can include

• Gentle Yoga

• Mindfulness and Pranayama

• Meditation

• Relaxation

• Lectures

• Cooking demonstrations

• Detox medicines

• Nature walks

• Spiritual Movies

• Optional weight loss

• Stress management • Leadership and Team building programs available.


  • Please complete the booking request form (one per retreat) and forward with payment.
  • Bookings depend upon availability.
  • Bookings are accepted upon payment. Once your booking form/s and your payment have been received, an email confirmation will be sent.
  • To secure your booking, we only require a deposit of $500.
  • One half (50%) of the total accommodation amount is due within 10 days of making your reservation.
  • The balance (the other half of payment due for the accommodation and meals) is payable in full, seven days prior to arrival, and is non-refundable.
  • Any additional items purchased during your stay must be finalised prior to your departure.
  • Please note, a surety bond of 25% of the booking fee will be required to be paid upon time of booking. 
  • Any surcharges, breakages or thefts will be deducted from the bond

Let our sanctuary
become yours.


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