Focus on healing, wellbeing, peace of mind
and personal growth.

Forest exposure can be used as part of a holistic and rounded approach to wellbeing. It is one of many ecosystem services that the environment provides for us.

Urban living and contemporary lifestyles are associated with reduced contact with nature. Although not causal, this coincides with increasing rates of mental illness in the world. In addition, mid-pandemic, being cooped up at home, increases the problem.

There is an increasing body of research showing evidence that nature can be used, nay ‘prescribed’, to treat mental illness. Research continues to investigate the relationship between nature experiences and enhanced mental health. Exposure to nature is indicted in reducing risk factors and the intensity of some mental illnesses.

To counter the extinction of experience, it makes sense to proactively design and live a life that will foster an attraction and attachment to nature. Exposure to nature has been shown to strengthen personal resilience and evoke positive emotions. Time in nature is comforting beyond words and has been linked with positive effects on creativity, learning, concentration, and critical thinking. Immersing yourself in nature has many benefits from improving cognitive function, to reducing stress, improved sleep, and a reduction in physiological measures and biomarkers for stress.

Nature Walks at Nirvana

The solo constitutional up the steep drive is aerobic, even when you dawdle. It’s also lovely to walk with a friend.

Our garden stroll is where you can walk and talk, and be educated in herbs growing around you as you taste the herbs, vegetables, and fruit that are used for your meals.

The rainforest walk is challenging. It is recommended to go with a leader.

There are also Binnaburra walks, which we organise in small groups.

Nature Bathing

First, there was nothing.
Then there was everything.
Life runs alongside us,
Creating the soil.
Cycling water.
Trading in nutrients.
Making weather.
Building atmosphere.
A force
hums in the heart of the forest
feeding, curing, sheltering
more kinds of life than we can count.
The Earth is alive,
not as a sentient Goddess,
as the ancients saw her,
but alive, like a tree,
quietly existing,

conversing with the sunlight and the soil,
using the light and water
and nutrient minerals
to grow and change,
keeping the beauty, history, science,
and mystery of life alive,
saying things in words before words.
reinventing life,
endlessly worth answering,
many times.
There is something you need to hear.
Old trees are our parents
and our parents’ parents.
To learn the secrets of nature
we must practice more humility.


Let our sanctuary
become yours.


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